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We are looking for Mobile Games that will make the world a better place

The app stores are full games- some good, some bad, but very few of them truly use technology to make the world a better place.

“Apps to Change the World” represents a consortium of U.S. based non-profit organizations…

…and as part of their global initiative to embrace and leverage technology in their fundraising efforts “Apps to Change the World” is searching for great mobile games that natively, intuitively, and logically, integrate Game concept, Gameplay, and Revenue streams into a coherent game product.

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For example, if your game is in the “Disaster Relief” category, you could have an In App Purchase that donated $1 of real world money to purchase 100 sandbags used within the game to block a rival player that is attempting to flood your island Headquarters. Or, maybe in your game the hero must use emotional symbols to solve a puzzle, much like autistic kids have to learn to understand and express their own emotions to help them in their daily lives.

These are just two simple examples… we are looking for YOUR creativity to WOW us and create an AMAZING game! The possibilities are endless!

  • Your initial submission does not have to be a completed game, but the game’s framework and mechanics should be well explained with at least some working elements.
  • Games must run on Android & iOS.
  • You can port an existing game or create a new game.
  • Games will be judged using current industry recognized success metrics, e.g. optimal amount of IAP options, “learn as you play” style tutorials, etc.

Game Categories (these are just ideas, please use your own creativity)


  • Global Warming
  • Water Access
  • Natural Disasters


  • Cancer
  • Autism
  • Malaria

War & Peace

  • Inter-ethnic violence
  • Crime
  • Conflict Resolution


  • Girl’s educational rights
  • Educating in poor countries


Stage 1: No later than Moday, May 23rd, 2016 Game Concepts are due. At this stage you will turn in a written explanation of the game concept, game mechanics, and flow chart of game logic and game play. Some artwork is expected and, hopefully, a small playable component of the game.

By June 5th games  will be chosen for the next stage. A $3,000 cash U.S. dollar stipend is awarded to all games that are chosen to move forward to Stage 2.

Stage 2:  Developing your idea into a finished, working game! As you develop the final game from your Stage 1 idea, assistance is available with audio, graphics, and consulting on an as-needed basis from the “Apps to Change the World” team.


The Reward: Your name on a world changing game AND a 20,000 cash U.S. stipend AND a 15% royalty of net revenue is awarded to any game(s) that are eventually launched.

All net profit (revenue minus expenses and winner’s 15%) will go to a group of global NGO’s (non-Governmental Organizations) Charitable, and Research Foundations working in the field of any game(s) that is/are finally published.whose work whose work

Submit your information below to get started and we will be in touch with an introductory email and reminders to during the the Stage 1 development process.



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